Our Products
Borche stays ahead with world-class technology. We develop more than 100 different kinds of product, covering BU two platen machine, BH high speed machine, BM multi-mat machine, BE full electric machine, BS-III servo machine and alike.
Intelligent Two-Platen series
BH High speed series
BM Multi-shot series
Hybrid Series
BS-III Servo Series
Borche Two-platen IMM, combined with Borche Intelligent module, makes your production efficient and easy. You can get yourself updated of the production status from your mobile phone or computer. The intelligent module will help us to give you quicker and better service. Borche BU series is more durable and more precise thanks to its patent structure design and is perfectly suitable for deep cavity products. We can provide machines with tonnage of 500-6800. Our IMMs are well accepted in many markets and many industries, especially in automobile industries.
Borche Hi-speed IMM, with its unique structure, is perfectly suitable for clean production of think wall products such as food container since there is no lubrication oil on tie-bar because there is no contact between tie-bar and platen. Borche Hi-speed IMM is stable, quick and durable.
Borche is one of the oldest companies in China to make multi-shot IMM in China. Our Multi-shot IMM is designed by industry expert and can bring stable production to our customers. We can make maximum 5 shots in one machine. Our multi-shot IMM has been used by many automobile industry leaders.
The whole machine is designed according to the ergonomics, the appearance of the machine and the operation is more humanized. After finishing optimization, the rigidity of the machine structure has been greatly improved. The use of fully transparent frameless front door design, equipment monitoring more intuitive. Locking rack full hollow design, can also adapt to the automatic production system three conveyor belt. Using double shooting structure, the shooting of the neutral is better, the whole shooting part of the work is more stable.
Borche Servo series earns its reputation in the market for its stable performance, energy-saving (from 30% to 80% depending on different working conditions). Borche makes its own servo motor which assures the stable/high performance and energy saving of Borche machines.
Industry Applications
Transformed from “Made in China” to “Designed in China”, Borche now is upgrading to “Intelligent Manufacturing in China”
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