BS-III Servo Series

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BS-III Servo Series
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Machine structure is designed according to Ergonomics; the operation is more user friendly.

New design improve the stiffness of structure.

With hollow frame,  suitable forfully automatic production system  with 3-conveyers

Transparent front operation door, easy to watch the work of machine

Twin-carriage structure, better alignment and smoother injection



      All Borche IMM uses Keba controller    


  Platen is designed according to European standard, higher platen stiffness, good for production requiring high strength, high load and high precision.


AC servo motor+ international brand pump  

Energy saving: compared to traditional hydraulic system, saving energy of 20%-80%  

Stable performance: closed loop control of servo motor brings higher repeatability.

Reliable pressure holding: closed-loop of pressurecontrol, pressure holding can be longer and more stable  

Fast response: agile servo motor only  

Low noise and environment friendly: low noise during operation, more quiet during low speed; precise output of hydraulic oil avoid heat from extra oil output, have lower temperature rise and save a lot of cooling water.      



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