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BH High speed series
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design of toggle direct clamping: Toggle gets straight when mold closing,then clamping is done through pulling tie-bar by 4 booster cylinder on fixedplaten.

Advantages: precise, clean, and efficient

Dry cycle: BH150-200:≤2.2s;BH260-320:≤2.7s;BH400-500:≤3.2s

Standard feature:

1、Patent design of toggle direct clamping with hi-speed proportional valve for mold opening/closing, position difference of repeated molding opening less than0.5mm

2、 Patent single cylinder injection unit, more precise injection and faster response

3、 Parallel plasticization during mold opening, thanks to duo servo motor system, shortens cycle time

4、 Independent digital back pressure control

5、 No oil contaminant on mold and parts outgoing area, suitable for clean production requirements

6、High power oil cooler controls the oil temperature

7、Special design of stationary and moving platen with high stiffness

8、 No-contact transducer brings fast response and high precision and long life

9、 Keba controller

10、Linear guide for platen moving, higher precision and faster response

11、Nano infrared heater band with low thermal inertia yields precise temperature control, higher efficiency of heating and transmission, saves energy of 20%-40%.  

12、Theoretic injection speed: 200-300mm/s

13、Special barrel/screw for high plasticization

Optional features:

1、Hybrid injection unit available, which can have parallel plasticization during mold opening/closing, and shorten the cycle time to increase efficiency

2、Plasticizing static mixer available, which can improve color mixing.

3、Parallel ejection during mold opening available

Borche Hi-speed IMM perfectlysuitable for thin-wall products

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