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Intelligent Two-Platen series
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Bu Series Introduction

  • l  Borche owns the most patents related to two-platen IMM in China

    l  With clamping force up to 6800T

    l  Wide daylight and big mold thickness, especially suitable for parts with deep cavity

    l  Technology originated from Europe, developed by European and Chinese R&D team together

    l  Fit for production of extra size plastic parts used in Aerospace, automobile, utilities  and environment filed, home appliance, housewares, logistics & transportation, etc.

    l  Specially suitable for low pressure injection and compression injection and vent injection

  • European style structure
    hydraulic clamp control with linear speed adjustment
    Fine tuning available for clamping pressure control brings high repeatability
  • small space requirement thanks to the compact 2-paten design
    2 high-speed cylinders diagonally fixed for fast clamping and shorter cycletime
    booster cylinder on moving platen to evenly give high-pressure clamping force
    double protection from both hydraulic and electric interlock
    Mold low pressure protection
  • 10 steps of injection, 5 steps of pressure holding
    holding pressure controlled by time and place
    3 automatic
  • Differentialfast opening system
    energy saving hydraulic circuit with multi motors
    with international A brand components
    Reliable booster cylinder

Automatictie-bar removal, first one in China

Lower ceiling height requirement, lower investment required

The first one to have tie-bar removal on Two-Platen IMM in China

  • Flexible daylight suitable for parts with deep cavity

    Extended slider holds the platen upright even when mold is mounted, which extends the durability of molds

  • Four booster cylinders mounted on moving platen give pressure evenly on platen; booster cylinder is controlled by 4 individual transducers, which brings higher repeatability; shorter stroke ofthe booster cylinder make its force fast and reliable.

  • Carriage and injection all by linear guide, faster and smoother; one-piece die-cast carriage die-cast in one piece; compact and stiff structure of injection unit.

  • Twin carriage structure for smoother injection and better alignment.

Control system

The full range of injection molding machine, industrial automation control system

Hydraulic system

Bus control servo system, multiple servo pump and pump
  • automobile

    Parts: complicated structure, big size, produced by Borche BU two-platen machines

  • Big Pallet and plastic drawer
    Large projection area and big size require bigger clamping force. BorcheBU can have many level of clamping force and is suitable for parts with different specification.
  • Pipe inspection well

    Part is with complicated structureand heavy weight. Borche BU two-platen IMM, with strong platen which can holdheavy molds and with multiple core pull, is perfectly suitable for production with big molds.

  • Trashbin
  • Part is with deep cavity, production requires long opening stroke. Borche BU series is with long opening stroke, perfect for deep cavity part production.

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