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Borch Machinery Co., LTD E- Catalogue APP
APP electronic album can be downloaded to the mobile terminal (such as mobile phone, Pad, APP) which includes the Bo company enterprise culture, enterprise and case, introduced a series of video products, can help you understand in detail and Bo Bo products!

Login http://borch.ucloud.asia/en/index.html Or scan two-dimensional code , you will see the page.

Sweep the two-dimensional code
  • Point of entryiAPP(Android)Can be linked to Android download app screen
  • Point of entryiAPP(iOS)Can be linked to Android download app screen
  • Point of entryiwedYou can connect to the iCloud product page can also point into the Bo create intelligent official website
  • Point of entryweiboLink to micro-blog

iAPP download

Can be described above uCloud Click on the page to download the required programs
If the phone is a IOS system into APP STORE And find a place to enter the magnifying glass or BORCH will create the following screen, that can be downloaded.

Android System Download

Mobile phone is a Android system to enter the following URL, and there will be Baidu mobile assistant screen that can be downloadedhttp://shouji.baidu.com/software/9766552.html?qq-pf-to=pcqq.c2c

iAPP Connotation function

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