Service Network

Service commitment

Service commitment

Three free services
Free installation, commissioning and training of technicians and operators.
Twenty-four hours service
Company headquarters and offices are equipped with 24 hours of sales service hotline, no matter when your machine problems, just a phone call, we will provide you with convenient service at the first time.
  • National customer service hotline

  • Customer service department 24 hours on duty

  • Fax: 020-32878046
    Turn 631/702

Full network service
You can log on to the company's Website for online service information, or you have any machine maintenance and technical issues, can be sent to us, we will provide you with a satisfactory answer.
Company website: Mail
Other services
1, the whole machine warranty for 18 months
Borch Company solemn promise: the whole warranty period of 18 months (except for wearing parts).
2, regular return visit
Our service engineer will be a regular visit to your machine, including the machine maintenance and maintenance, you answer in the machine in the process of using, and feedback to the company on your opinions and suggestions of the use of machinery.
3, lifelong maintenance services
We will provide you with a lifetime maintenance service for all users who purchase precision injection molding machine.
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